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Ojai Valley, rose colored mountains at sunset, beautiful architecture, a swarm of talent, expertise, and experience has been impacting the world since it’s early beginnings. Artist’s, lovers of beauty, seekers, thinkers, and influencers have been drawn to Ojai and have gained the ear of millions of people around the world.
Ojai is a little city with a big megaphone to the world’s ear. For a Valley of approximately 23,000 people, it is clear that Ojai has a destiny to speak tonations. Yet, often the words coming from the many voices of Ojai to the world’s ear is not the Word of the Most High.  The message often is that we are sufficient in ourselves, we are God, that we create our own reality, our own joy,


our own personal operating system by our own thoughts.
While we deeply bless all those who are seeking truth, we know that the Most High reigns in Ojai and is worthy of our worship. That is why we are asking God to gift Ojai with five hundred passionate Jesus Lovers across Ventura County, to join with five hundred passion Jesus Lovers in Ojai, who will be willing to pray for Ojai for 8 months  via an opt-in daily email of one Scripture turned into prayer from the Psalms. We believe God’s people will be willing in the day of His power.  It is what God has taught us to expect, and so we do.


Some leaders in Ojai are reading a book called The Practitioner’s Guide To Building City Gospel Movements by Tom White. It is a debrief of over 600 cities across the world who are working together in collaborative partnerships to build John 17 communities. We joyfully recommend it.


What do two and a half ancient tribes of Israel have to do with a little place called Ojai Valley?  Perhaps they inform us. You see when it was time for the children of Israel to possess the land of promise, two and a half tribes decided they liked the land at the entrance best. So Moses told them they could have it with one condition, they were to assist the other tribes in obtaining their inheritance. They were to go before the other tribes and fight for the other tribes, and in engaging in that fight, they would inherit their own preferred land.  Deut. 3:18-20

We believe that there are many of you, prepared by God and ready to pray for an inheritance that belongs to our brothers and

sisters in Ojai Valley. In coming along side of them, you too, will possess your own God given inheritance.
That is why we are calling the whole body of Christ in Ventura County, Evangelical, Historic, Catholic, Charismatic Latino, Anglo, brothers and sisters of all races, and all different streams who love Jesus, to join us on this adventure of love. We are committing to pray Scriptures turned into prayer for 8 months via email. If you’d like to opt in for a daily short email of Scripture turned into prayer for Ojai, from the Psalms contact us